Friday, August 3

singing alone

When I am singing alone, there is always one loyal audience besides me

Friday, June 29



Thursday, September 23

hmm cooking....for dogs

I started cooking for my dogs from last month.
Because research showed that homemade food is healthy for our dogs.
My parents used to get dogs' food and sometimes I get dog treat and can food for them as well.

once I started cooking for them, I have to do grocery shopping once in two weeks.

sometimes I m more willing to cook for them first even I feel very hungry.
I dont even cook for my parents. I just wait there until the meal is ready, kinda like my dogs waiting next to me while I was cooking. sigh~~

from cooking for dogs, I realized how parents' love for their children. its unconditional.

sometimes we don't have to figure out how much they really love and care about you, just by feeding you, that is love, which I would never think that way until I started cooking for my dogs.

I maybe understand not enough of their love until I have my own kids.
but at least, I understand a bit better than before now
: )

summer is gone now

summer is officially gone now.
I just read over all my posts from this blog, hardly recognize myself from the past.
without writing it down, the past is losing focus, even hardly define the present.
haven't been mind dissecting my life into words since this summer. most about my life is frequently updated on facebook, letting friends to know this and that, picture or links...
but forgot to take down some notes for myself...
I bought a book from online, called" hearts and minds", talks about immigrants life in London,
its not sold in bookstores here, English book~yes it is.
I wanted to read it because I miss London, I miss my 5months stay in London.
short but I tried to fill up as much as memories, so it wasn't that short when i think of it.
somehow my dog chewed on one corner of that book, it seems really tasty from the look of the book now.

I had a fun summer in conclusion . My brain had enough rest as well.
now, summer is gone~
cloudy days always wakes me up. wakes my mind up to be exact.

I am about to clean the other room up, get the table from friend
and start on some work

Tuesday, June 29



Tuesday, June 22

2010 june

I guess I will start posting since i got a new computer~~i meant.. new IMac!!!

Saturday, June 27


what? i m going to Japan in two weeks?!!!!!

Sunday, June 21

my dog " google"


Tuesday, May 26

lomo+toy cam

YAY! Lc a+ Rl and the golden half~~~~~

can't wait to express with LOMO anymore

can't wait

can't wait

from SONY's sushi dc ,Canon sd400, to Fujifilm Z20

by looking at pictures from computer gives no feeling

what was the purpose of taking a photo?

there is no sense of "moment"

no sense of "taking" the picture

yea, i got bored of DC, period


they are coming
can't wait!

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